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Friday 8 November 2013

Snowflake Mania!

Don't we all just love snow.
Some of us love playing in the snow or building
a snowman with a cranky nose, the best snowman of all.
Some love waiting at the bus stop, freezing,
knowing for sure no bus will run in that weather anyway.
Kids are dreaming of being snowed in and schools
may be closed again ... lovely :o)

I personally adore those chilly evenings when fresh snow
covers trees, roofs and streets, a temperature goes
just below the freezing point and the whole world
gets shiny and glossy ... I just can't wait :o)

 And lately I've gone absolutely crazy about my new dies.
In my last post I was very excited about my
new Spellbinders 2013 Snowflake Pendant
and I warned you I would be back with some more cards.
I have been cutting out snowflakes last few days
and I think I may have too many snowflake cards.
Is that even possible???
Yeah, you're right - there is not such a thing as too
many snowflake cards :o)
And there it is, the first one. I absolutely love it.

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