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Friday 1 November 2013

Is that the time already?

I guess time flies so fast when we are having fun and
enjoying ourselves. But really - how quickly this year goes by!
Halloween candy and creatures are already gone and
days start getting shorter and colder.
I have already planted daffodils and purple crocuses in my garden,
as apparently this is the best time to do so.
I am not a specialist but I am more than just an amateur.
I am a hobbyist who believes!!!
... believes that plants are capable of taking care of themselves.
So I will wait till spring and I hope they
will not fail to bloom ... I hope :o)

Anyhow, we have reached autumn,
a beautiful, colourful autumn, ladies and gentlemen -
if you actually are out there - is there anyone out there?
Feels like I am here all alone but I hope you will find me one day :o)

Okay, let's cut to the chase. Is it nearly Christmas?
Yes, Christmas is coming!!!
I reckon it's about time to start thinking
about it and all the preparations. I am afraid half of us
have already begun Christmas shopping anyway.

So let's get ready for Christmas!!!

Here is my first idea for this Christmas.
Elegant and traditional.

Thanks for peeking in!!!

                                 with love,

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